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"I'm an aging superhero": Jason Momoa tells Ellen of his 'Aquaman' injuries

ABC/Rick Rowell

Superheroes are usually hard to damage, but while Jason Momoa is certainly no weakling, he's no superhero. That's what he told Ellen Degeneres in a remote interview from London, as he detailed a series of injuries he sustained playing the King of Atlantis in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

"I'm getting old, that's what's happening," the 42-year-old star said with a laugh on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"I messed up my eyes. I just got something in it that kind of cut it up," the actor with the comic-book physique admitted, adding, "I've got to get surgery, I have a hernia, I've got ribs out. I'm just getting beat up."

Momoa then explained, "I love my job and I get a little too excited, then the age thing, you know...I'm an aging superhero right now."

That said, he told Ellen's audience that all his dings were worth it. "It's gonna be a great movie, you're gonna love it," he enthused. 

Jason also told Ellen that while he's in London shooting the 2022 film, as always, he's traveling with two stuffed animals -- Piggy Big Spirit and Potato.

Momoa explained that they're his companions whenever he's without his kids with wife Lisa Bonet -- 14-year-old Lola Iolani Momoa, and 12-year-old Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

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Blair Underwood joins Showtime's 'Three Women'; Netflix rounds out cast for George C. Wolfe's 'Rustin'


Blair Underwood has joined his next major project.

According to Variety, Underwood, along with Lola Kirke, have been added to the cast of Showtime's Three Women. They join DeWanda Wise, Shailene Woodley, Betty Gilpin and Ravi Patel, who were previously announced. Based on Lisa Taddeo's book of the same name, the series centers on "three women completely overturning their lives." Underwood will play Richard, a well-known chef who is "blindsided when his wife enters a sexual relationship with another man." A release date has yet to be set for Three Women.

In other news, Netflix has rounded out the cast for the George C. Wolfe-directed film Rustin. Deadline has learned that Aml Ameen, CCH Pounder, Michael Potts, Bill Irwin, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Gus Halper, Johnny Ramey, Carra Patterson and Adrienne Warren have all been added to the upcoming feature. They join Colman Domingo, Chris Rock, Glynn Turman and Audra McDonald, who were previously announced. The film follows Domingo as Bayard Rustin, a gay civil-rights activist who "overcame an onslaught of obstacles, and altered the course of American history by organizing the 1963 March on Washington." A release date for Rustin has not been scheduled.

Finally, ABFF Ventures has announced that the 2021 American Black Film Festival will open its milestone 25th year with Warner Bros. Pictures' highly anticipated film King Richard. As previously noted, the film follows Will Smith as Richard Williams, the ambitious father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. Unlike previous years, ABFF will be available as a worldwide digital experience from November 3 to November 28 via its online platform ABFF PLAY. King Richard will be available by special invitation to a limited audience. To register for ABFF, visit

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"Are they kidding?" William Shatner still can't believe they used his face for Michael Myers in 'Halloween'

ABC News/Stephen Iervolino -- Universal History Archive/ Universal Images Group via Getty Images

(NOTE LANGUAGE) While most movie fans would instantly recognize the murderous Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, they might not know that iconic blank face actually belongs to another icon: William Shatner

For the record, Shatner knows about it and he's still not pleased. In a recent interview with YouTube entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton, Shatner explained, "I thought, 'Is that a joke? Are they kidding?'" when he was first heard his face was borrowed.

"I recognized it as the death mask they had made for me," Shatner explained. "They made a mask of my face on Star Trek out of clay so I would not have to be available for the prosthetics they would have to put on my face...So somewhere along the line, someone got that mask and made a mask for Halloween [the holiday]."

Decades ago, that mask was grabbed off the shelf by Halloween's production designer and editor Tommy Lee Wallace for the 1978 horror classic when director John Carpenter needed a scary baddie. According to Netflix's The Movies That Made Us, which takes a deep dive Halloween, the choices were a "sad sack" clown mask, or Captain Kirk. 

Carpenter went with Kirk. But there's a "but."

Wallace explained in Movies That Made Us that he shaved the mask's triangular Trek sideburns, cut its eyeholes wider, darkened its blonde hair, and painted it "appliance white" to result in its trademark deathly pallor.

"As soon as the second mask came out of the dressing room, we're all, 'Oh, f*** me!" Wallace said of his handiwork. "We knew we had a movie." 

David Gordon Green, who directed Halloween's 2018 reboot, tells Movies the resulting mask "is just pure evil."

Halloween Kills, the latest franchise installment, is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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Is Matthew McConaughey the next Batman?


Will Matthew McConaughey be the next one to suit up and save Gotham City?

In an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe during the Advertising Week New York event, the actor addressed the rumors that he's about to become the next Batman. 

"I am?" he said, surprised. "First I've heard of it, but it happens this way sometimes!" 

If McConaughey  truly is the next Caped Crusader, he would follow in the footsteps of George ClooneyMichael KeatonChristian BaleBen Affleck and, most recently, Robert Pattinson.

While McConaughey's status as a superhero remains unknown, one thing you probably won't see The Wolf of Wall Street alum doing is running for the governor of Texas. 

Earlier this month on the New York TimesSway podcast, when asked about his potential political bid, the 51-year-old hinted he won't be on the ballot, responding, "Is politics an embassy for me to be of the most use to myself, to my family, to the most amount of people in my life moving forward?"  The implied answer, was no.


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Jennifer Love Hewitt announces hiatus from social media to "reset"


Jennifer Love Hewitt is taking some time to "reset."

The 42-year-old actress, who welcomed her son Aidan last month, took to social media over the weekend to announce that she'll be taking a break from the platforms. 

In screenshot of her Instagram Story, obtained by People, the 9-1-1 star shared some life updates, writing, "Today is my first day back in the sauna after being pregnant and having my baby. Two days ago was my first long bath since labor. Some things you can’t do till the doc says so and others you just stop taking time for. But self care, moments to breathe and feel yourself again. Even in small ways. So important." 

Hewitt then revealed that she's "also starting at least a week maybe two away from social media [tomorrow]. I need to reset."

"I need to take my scrolling time and make it active time. Workouts, breathing, manifesting, time with my kids and husband. All of it," she continued. 

The mom of three, who also shares daughter Autumn, and son, Atticus, with husband Brian Hallisay, added that social media "makes me feel bad sometimes. Like I'm not doing enough."

Hewitt's decision has already had a ripple effect on her children, who decided to "give up YouTube shows," something she quipped is "one small miracle already lol."

The actress wrapped up her announcement encouraging others to take time for themselves when needed. 

"I only share this for that one person or maybe more today who need time. Just for them. And need to know it’s okay to take it. And in fact the taking of that time will make everything better. I promise," she wrote. "Sending love!”


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Gal Gadot shares why she chose to report Joss Whedon for “threatening her career”

Warner Bros. Pictures

Gal Gadot doesn't like conflict, but she's no shrinking violet, either.

When speaking on Israeli TV in May, Gadot responded to a report from The Hollywood Reporter that alleged Justice League director Joss Whedon had verbally abused her after she voiced concerns about her character and the film's dialogue.  She confirmed Whedon “kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable.”

Looking back on those comments, the 36-year-old Wonder Woman actress recently told ELLE magazine, “Oh, I was shaking trees as soon as it happened. And I must say that the heads of Warner Brothers, they took care of it."

Adds Gadot, "You’re dizzy because you can’t believe this was just said to you. And if he says it to me, then obviously he says it to many other people. I just did what I felt like I had to do. And it was to tell people that it’s not okay."

“I would’ve done the same thing, I think, if I was a man. Would he tell me what he told me had I been a man? I don’t know. We’ll never know," she continues. "But my sense of justice is very strong. I was shocked by the way that he spoke to me. But whatever, it’s done. Water under the bridge.”

Gadot will next be seen starring alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in the action comedy Red Notice, coming to Netflix on November 12.


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See Nicole Kidman "kill" as Lucille Ball in the teaser to Amazon's 'Being the Ricardos'

Amazon Studios

Nicole Kidman's casting as iconic comedienne Lucille Ball might have been controversial, but she takes no prisoners in the teaser to Amazon Studios' Being the Ricardos

"I am the biggest asset in the portfolio of the Columbia Broadcasting System," Kidman-as-Lucy says in voiceover. "The biggest asset in the portfolios of Phillip Morris tobacco, Westinghouse. I get paid a fortune to do exactly what I love doing."

She continues, "I work side-by-side with my husband, who is genuinely impressed with me. And all I have to do to keep it is kill for 36 weeks in a row. And then, do it again the next year."

Oscar-winner Javier Bardem plays Lucy's husband and I Love Lucy co-star Desi Arnaz in the period piece, from Academy Award-winning writer Aaron Sorkin.

The snippet ends with Kidman, in full Lucy wardrobe, on the set of the show's famous "grape stomping" scene.

Amazon says of the project, "Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are threatened by shocking personal accusations, a political smear and cultural taboos" in the film, which is "a revealing glimpse of the couple's complex romantic and professional relationship."

The film is set during one critical week of production of I Love Lucy.

Being the Ricardos, which also stars Oscar-winner JK Simmons, with Nina Arianda and former Arrested Development co-stars Tony Hale and Alia Shawkat, hits Amazon Prime on December 21.

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Is Harry Styles joining the MCU?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

(POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT) Some fans would already call Harry Styles a superhuman, but now he might be playing one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The potential casting news came out of last night’s L.A. premiere of The Eternals. Variety writer Matt Donnelly tweeted, “Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere -- Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos.

Eros -- also known as Starfox in the comics -- is said to be the complete opposite of the evil Thanos, who was played by Josh Brolin in The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy films. He's carefree and has the power to change people's emotions. To quote Marvel's own database, "Eros grew up to be a fun-loving, carefree womanizer in contrast to his brother..."

Do with that what you will, tabloids. 

Apparently, Harry makes a cameo as the character at the end of The Eternals. Variety editor Marc Malkin also tweeted, "When Harry Styles shows up in the MCU. Audience squealed."

The Eternals hits theaters November 5.

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Billy Porter shares the purpose behind his debut memoir 'Unprotected: A Memoir'

Photo credit: Shavonne Wong

Billy Porter is sharing his life with the world with his deeply personal memoir, Unprotected.

In the book, Porter candidly speaks about being bullied, surviving sexual abuse at the hands of his stepfather, and making arts his safe haven. He says the purpose of the memoir wasn't to bring anyone down, but rather to serve as an outlet for healing.

"It was about how do I write about it from my perspective without exposing other people in sort of a possible negative light," Porter tells ABC Audio. "Like that was not something that I ever wanted this to be about. This was not for me. This was not a book about shaming anybody or calling anybody out or revenge or, you know, some sort of tell-all. It's not that."

Instead, the Tony, Emmy and Grammy winner says the book was written so others could learn from his experiences and know that there was hope. Porter believes that his biggest challenge wasn't just sharing his  journey and perspective on race, sexuality, art and healing -- it was finding the best way to tell it without judgment.

"What I was met with oftentimes was how do I tell this story with compassion and grace," he adds.

Unprotected: A Memoir is now available for purchase.

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Sylvester Stallone bids "bittersweet" goodbye to 'The Expendables' franchise; passes baton to Jason Statham


On his InstagramSylvester Stallone bade farewell to his hit Expendables franchise. 

The actor, writer, and producer posted a video shot on the European set after he'd wrapped his last scene as mercenary Barney Ross in the fourth film in the series. 

"It's been about 12 years," the 75-year-old star noted, adding, "it's time to be moving on." 

"It's always bittersweet," Stallone said, explaining he's "ready to pass the baton to Jason [co-star Jason Statham] in his capable hands." 

Statham played Ross' buddy Lee Christmas in the successful series that debuted in 2010, and which has highlighted action stars of a certain age, including now-74-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger; Stallone's Rocky IV nemesis Dolph Lundgren, who is 65; Mickey Rourke, now 69; former MMA fighter Randy Couture and martial artist Jet Li, who are 58; 66-year-old Bruce Willis; 65-year-old Mel Gibson; and Terry Crews, who is a relatively young 53.

To date, the modestly-budgeted Expendables movies have made $800 million worldwide. 

The fourth installment, coming out in 2022, adds martial arts legend Tony JaaAndy Garcia and Megan Fox to the mix. 

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Rebel Wilson acknowledges people are "obsessed" with her recent weight loss


Rebel Wilson shared her honest thoughts about how the world reacted to her dramatic weight loss and expressed discomfort that her physique overshadowed her other accomplishments.

Speaking recently to Australia's Daily Telegraph, the 41-year-old actress explained that she starred in four movies in 2019, adding she produced two of them while another, Jojo Rabbit, was nominated the the Best Picture Academy Award.

"Yet I get more press the following year when I do nothing except lose weight," the Pitch Perfect star lamented, adding, "When I was at my heaviest, I also had the most international attention on me."

Wilson acknowledged, "People are so obsessed with [weight]," but insisted she wasn't pressured by the headlines to get in shape.  Instead, she embarked on a fitness journey in order to address her emotional eating struggles that manifested along with her rising star status.

"Because I'm not a natural performer, my natural personality is very introverted; the way I dealt with that pressure was to eat," she recalled. "I would reward myself with a block of chocolate."

"For the first time in my life I've lost weight and maintained it," she added, noting that her weight loss was a result of a total lifestyle change.

Saying she was "proud" of her hard work, Wilson admitted, "I'm not totally cured. I don't think you can be. But I've learnt to manage it — and it's not by reaching for a bowl of ice cream."

Wilson also reflected on how her fitness journey improved her relationship with her body, adding, "It's just about loving yourself and loving the journey that you're on. And to me, the women I think are most beautiful are those who step into their own power."

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Channing Tatum weighs in on Dave Chappelle controversy

ABC -- Netflix - Mathieu Bitton

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Channing Tatum has waded into the Dave Chappelle Netflix/trans comments controversy, saying that while he does "understand" and "hate" that the comedian hurt so many people with his problematic comments about the trans and LGBTQ+ communities, he can't turn his back on the man whose words comforted him in the past.

"Any human can hurt someone (usually cause they’re hurt) but any human can heal and heal others just the same," Channing wrote on his Instagram Stories, according to Buzzfeed, saying Chappelle's 2019 speech while accepting the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center "healed" him.

"I can’t forget that," he insisted.

Dave noted in the speech how his personality differs from the one he presents to the public, and how comedy saved his life.  “I was a soft kid. I was sensitive, I’d cry easy and I would be scared to fistfigh," said Chappelle at the time. "My mother used to tell me this thing... 'Son, sometimes you have to be a lion so you can be the lamb you really are.' I talk this s*** like a lion. I’m not afraid of any of you. When it comes word to word, I will gab with the best of them, just so I can chill and be me."

"And that’s why I love my art form, because I understand every practitioner of it," Chappelle continued. "Whether I agree with them or not, I know where they’re coming from. They want to be heard. They’ve got something to say. There’s something they noticed. They just want to be understood. I loved this genre. It saved my life."

While the speech was meaningful to Channing, he noted that it "does not excuse anything hurtful tho to be clear."

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Michael B. Jordan and Serena Williams to award $1 million to one lucky HBCU student

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for WarnerMedia -- Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan and tennis legend Serena Williams are paying it forward to one lucky entrepreneur to the tune of one million dollars.

AfroTech reports that the two stars have teamed up to  assist students and graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs, by launching a Startup Pitch Competition, which is aimed to inspire future business leaders who may not have equal access to opportunity.

Jordan's Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic competition invites HBCU alumni and students to submit their business proposals and innovative ideas for a chance to win a million-dollar jackpot.  The competition is now open and is accepting applications.

The actor partnered with Williams' Serena Ventures as well as MaC Venture Capital, two investment firms, to get the contest off the ground and "will work together to identify the most promising early-stage startup companies founded by current HBCU students or alumni."

Three finalists will be chosen, who will then have to make a final pitch to the two firms, as well as Harlem Capital and Cake Ventures, who are also serving as advisors to the competition.

The $1 million winner will be announced December 18 during TNT's broadcast of an HBCU college basketball showcase featuring four institutions: Howard University, Hampton University, North Carolina A&T University and North Carolina Central University.

The showcase, called the Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic Basketball Showcase Finals, is a double header between Hampton vs NC Central and Howard vs NC A&T.

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Brandy reveals why 'Queens' script was one she "could relate to"

ABC/Gavin Bond

You’ll see some veteran music stars in the ABC drama Queens, premiering tonight. Rapper Eve stars alongside singer Brandy and former 3LW member Naturi Naughton, playing a group of women rappers who were popular 20 years ago, but for whom that success and lifestyle is now a distant memory.

For Brandy, joining the show was a no-brainer, telling ABC Audio, "I just loved the fact that it was a 90s hip hop legendary group of women. I've never seen that even in hip hop today."

"Then, it was never a hip hop girls group, ever. And so I was like, this is different," she continued. "This is deep. I love it. I want to be a part of it. What do I sign up?"

Additionally, the Queens script was one that Brandy says that she could really relate to.

"The entire struggle of being, at the top of your game and then kind of losing it and getting an opportunity to do it again. Like I could relate to that," she shares. 

Included in that script is some original music and rhymes, which Eve reveals she didn't pen herself and jokes, "If I had to it would be “Old McDonald had a farm” over and over again."

As for Naughton, it wasn't so much coming up with lyrics that intimidated her as much as having to rap in front of one of the most successful female rappers of all time.

"I was a little bit scared when Eve was next to me," she says. "Whenever my verse comes after hers I'm like God daggit I really have to kill it! I can't come after Eve and not kill it!"

Catch Queens Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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'Dancing with the Stars' 30 recap: Len Goodman breaks tie vote to send Melanie C home

ABC/Christopher Willard

The cast of Dancing with the Stars celebrated one of America's most beloved movie musicals -- Grease -- on Monday and the night included several surprise cameos from the original well as a shocking goodbye.

Judge Len Goodman was forced to deliver yet another tie-breaking vote at the end of the night after the audience sent Spice Girl's Melanie C and influencer Olivia Jade into the bottom two. Len sided with fellow judge Derek Hough to spare Olivia, overruling Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli who opted to save the British singer.

Despite the painful goodbye, the night provided plenty of highlights.

Olivia Newton John, who played Sandy in the 1978 film, opened the show with a special dedication to the cast and crew.  Frankie Avalon, who belted out "Beauty School Dropout" in the 1978 feature, performed the standout hit on the ballroom floor as Amanda Kloots danced the Viennese waltz.

JoJo Siwa earned the season's first perfect score. The actress nailed her foxtrot to "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise),” which brought Goodman to his feet to compliment the "superb" routine.

The night also saw Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore's big comeback. The reality star shook off the sting of almost being sent home for the past two consecutive weeks and earned her first straight set of nines for her sensual rumba to "There Are Worse Things (I Could Do)."  

Dancing with the Stars returns with a spooky vengeance next Monday at 8 p.m ET on ABC, celebrating all things Halloween. Of course, that also means social media is ablaze over what -- and how many -- outfits host Tyra Banks will change into over the course of the night.

Here are the current standings:

JoJo Siwa, Nickelodeon star, with Jenna Johnson -- 40/40
Amanda Kloots, The Talk co-host, with Alan Bersten -- 39/40
Kenya Moore, former Miss USA, with Brandon Armstrong -- 36/40

Melora HardinThe Office actress, with Artem Chivensky -- 36/40
Suni Lee, Olympic Gold medalist, with Sasha Farber -- 36/40
Olivia Jade, influencer, with Val Chmerkovskiy -- 36/40
Jimmie Allen, country music singer, with Emma Slater -- 34/40
Michael "The Miz" Gregory, WWE superstar, Witney Carson -- 32/40

Cody Rigsby, Peloton instructor, with Cheryl Burke -- 32/40
Iman Shumpert, NBA player, with Daniella Karagach -- 28/40

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